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Various events and social activities are organised throughout the year to practise your French and to have fun. From outings to French restaurants to trips to France, we definitely have something for you.

Trips to France are undoubtedly an amazing way to put your French into practice. We have been for weekends away in Nice and Paris and cannot wait

for our next trip.


Speak French, make friends and have fun with French à la Carte MK.

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Le club French à la carte MK, c'est nouveau !

Fancy being more sociable in French? Look no further!

Le club French à la Carte MK : des activités sociales tous les mois:

Quelles activités ?

- Parler français et fitness : join our walk and talk group!

- We love going to the restaurant because it is good to talk and ... eat!

- Un club de lecture?

- Soirée séries françaises à la télé?

- Soirée pub?

- Prendre un café pendant la journée pour converser?

- Qui vient au cinéma ?

We regularly go to watch a French film.

Have a look at the Open Film society 2019/2020


 C'est ça, Le club French à la carte MK!

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