Bonjour Cécile,


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me learn. In Paris, I understood what they were asking me. I was so excited when he said quelle cuisson!! I had 'un steak saignant' which was totally lovely and the waiter smiled when I asked for it like that!! 

I also had to spell out my email address for my covid test :D 

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks as I totally felt like I understood so much. We went to a really old French restaurant and I pushed ahead in French as you told me to. I felt really confident and just wanted to say I appreciate it.

I will try and tell you in French what we visited when I see you in January but Paris is a great city, I completely forgot how fabulous it is. 


Je suis très heureux!


Merci Merci :)

Joyeux Noël, Bonne vacances.

I would highly recommend the  French classes which Cecile leads in her home.

She encourages and inspires us with her enthusiasm for the French language.

The lessons are positively constructed, very enjoyable, and provide great value for money.

- Pauline S

It is fun learning French , Cécile has an excellent rapport with her class, encouraging both french conversation and learning of french culture.

- Brian F

Since being part of Cecile's french group - lessons that are held in a friendly, social yet highly engaging environment - my french skills have improved tremendously. 

- Karen B

Cécile’s lessons are always fun, varied, informative and instructive.  And her coffee is the best …!!!

                                                             - S-D

We found out about Cecille's French lessons through a friend, and we thought it would be nice to be able to have a conversation. Well, it worked!  The lessons are carried out with good humour and practising the language was fun, and Cecille was always happy to speak slowly and correct any mistakes we made.  We would definitely recommend Cecille's course.

- Alistair & Elaine H

Having achieved A level French at school I spent the next few decades forgetting it all. Joined one of Cecile's groups a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed the classes which were fun as well as being instructive. Cecile also organises occasional social events and even French trips which are even more fun!

- Robin H-L  

Cecile makes the lessons great fun, with games so you don't realise you're spontaneously speaking. I've learnt a huge amount in the short time I've been in her class. I would thoroughly recommend the lessons to any level of learner.

- Lesley C

Cecile’s lessons have been great. We have had so much fun with her that we are learning French effortlessly. Even the Skype lesson this week was a great success. I had been trying to teach myself at home but it is great to have someone motivating and guiding me.

- Linda B, (Google Review)

Cecile is a great teacher, who is very encouraging which puts you at ease. Lessons are to a high standard in a enjoyable friendly atmosphere

Cecile is a delightful person and an excellent French teacher.
Her lessons are fun and I look forward to them every week.

Glenda L (Google Review)   

Lessons with Cecile are great fun. They are always interesting, and sometimes challenging. My spoken French has improved from day one. I can’t recommend highly enough.

- Ann J  (Google Review)  

I thoroughly enjoy my time studying French with Cecile at French a la Carte MK. The classes are informal, which makes for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for practicing French conversation skills, and my confidence in speaking French has grown enormously.

- Brigitte ( Google Review)  

I like learning French with Cecile. She is a great teacher and very nice person!

Ponina Z  (Google Review)

Cecile is a great teacher, who is very encouraging which puts you at ease. Lessons are to a high standard in a enjoyable friendly atmosphere.

- Roger B (Google Review)

As an existing French student of Cecile I can say ‘Give it a go’. 
She is a very funny lady and you will have a laugh as well as learning without any pressure. Enjoy.

- Nick S

You are a great teacher and I really miss our weekly sessions. Just wish I could remember everything!

                                                                   - A.R

I spend a lot of time in France and was just about managing with my "O level" French (from decades ago). Since joining Cecile's group last year my French has come on in leaps and bounds - plus I've made new friends.
The lessons are very flexible and Cecile adapts to our requirements as we go along - but always with a professional teacher's eye on how we can make progress with our French as well as having fun.

- Heather C

French à la carte is a fantastic school. Cecile has a great structure and makes grammar easy to understand. What's more she adapts t every student's needs. If you want to learn the language, French à la carte is your school.

- Ania S  

Cécile is an excellent teacher and I learnt a great deal from our one to one training sessions, which has really helped my integration into actually living in France.

Cécile adapts her training to suit the student and her friendly style made our sessions fun and always interesting.

- Andy R-P

Cecile's approach to lessons is both encouraging andunderstanding with a good mix of formal and fun language activities. 

 There is always a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. I have thoroughly enjoyed improving my French with Cecile."

      - Kate A

(...) Cecile is a brilliant teacher - the lessons are lively and fly past, with more than enough prep for home study, if you so wish. Lack of confidence has held me back in the past, but Cecile steers our lovely group so expertly that no one feels left out or undermined in any way. I look forward to French every week and really enjoy the warm and supportive atmosphere. (...)  

- Annie H  (Google Review)

My daughter, who is bilingual English/French was dreading the French writing exam so I booked lessons with Cecile to see if she could help. Results! She got a Grade 9! She was so happy and us too! Cecile gave her the confidence she needed and because she knows exactly what is expected at GCSE level, she helped my daughter focus on the area where she could gain more marks. Merci beaucoup Cecile!

Anastsia Y  (Google Review) 

Cécile is an excellent teacher who makes every session great fun. The lessons are relaxed and informal. I was anxious at the beginning, not having studied French since school, but right from the first lesson I have genuinely loved learning every week. I cannot recommend it enough!

- Sue N (Google Review)  

The lessons are great fun and you learn so much without realising it! Cecile is an excellent highly skilled teacher, I can't praise her enough.

- Lesley C (Google Review)

Cecile is a 5 stars teacher, she has helped me so much with my French, she is reliable, knowledgeable and fun: I would highly recommend her!

- Carlotta G (Google Review)

Great teacher, so comfortable! Helped so much through my Alevel and gave me so much more confidence. Definitely recommend!

- Lyna S (Google Review)

Cecile is a 5 stars teacher, she has helped me so much with my French, she is reliable, knowledgeable and fun: I would highly recommend her!

- Clare F (Google Review)

Bonsoir Cecile

I just had to write to express our gratitude for the immense effort that you put into Amelia's lessons - you certainly work for your money! I actually can't believe that you covered so much content; she wouldn't have spoken that much or used such a range of vocabulary if she'd gone to France herself. Her renewed confidence has restored her love of the language and definitely achieved our goal of getting her chatting happily. Thank you for the help that you've already given her with her speaking module about medicine. We will be in touch in December to hopefully gain some more assistance with this and keep her confidence going.

Please don't underestimate the difference that you've made.

Merci beaucoup!


Email 3 Nov 2020

I have really enjoyed my first term learning French in the Intermediate group. Cecile has a great sense of humour and is a very supportive teacher. She also provides opportunities to consolidate the French we have learnt between sessions through the student portal on her website. The classes are relaxed, fun and friendly and I have gained confidence in my French ability, although I have more to learn. I am looking forward to continuing my learning at French a' la Carte in Milton Keynes.