Adult group Lessons

and Conversation

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Je parle français !


-  Lower intermediate: Wednesday 12.30 pm to 2 pm -

- Intermediate: Thursday 12.30 pm to 2 pm -

-  Upper intermediate: Tuesdays 2.30 pm to 4 pm -

- Proficient: Tuesdays 10 am to 11.30 am -

- Advanced: Thursdays 10 am to 11.30 am- 


Calendar 2021/22 


Description des classes :

Beginner and Elementary: 

Parlez-vous français ?
Have you done a bit of French at school, a long time ago, but feel like you can hardly remember anything?
This class is for you! At the end of this course, you will be able to deal with most day-to-day situations in French.

Adult French Lessons in Milton Keynes |  French à la Carte MK Group class beginners
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Intermediate Classes

Parlez-vous français ? - Oui, je parle français !

In a francophone country, are you able to discuss familiar topics that are of personal interest or pertinent to everyday life?  

Come and join us! Cette classe est pour vous ! At the end of this class you will be spontaneously and confidently communicating with native French speakers.

Contactez moi pour plus d'information.

Parlez-vous français ? 

- Oui, je parle bien français et 

j'aime les conversations sur tous les sujets !

You can express yourself fluently and spontaneously in French, using the language flexibly and effectively in most situations.

Contactez moi pour plus d'information.


Online  &  Face to face for group and individual classes.

It is never too late to join us!  N'hésitez pas,  contactez-moi vite  ! 

For individual tuition, cliquez ici, s'il vous plaît !


Proficient and advanced Classes

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