Useful Information

To practise your French and to be kept informed, you might want to look at TV5 Monde
My favourite online dictionary, Linguee
If you are francophone and your children are French bilingual, you might want to have a look at Les Poussins de Milton Keynes.
For those who like French Cinema, The Open Film Society shows quite a few of them throughout the year.
For the latest news, France Info.

En ce moment à la télé, des séries françaises très appréciées.

Call my agent : 10%

Spiral : Engrenage

Lupin : Série avec Omar Sy

The Bureau : Bureau des légendes

Des magazines en français pour les anglophones :

Rendez-Vous et La Vie Outre-Manche

For fun, a video about the French accent which will help you understand why I speak the way I do!
To finish and just for the fun of it, my own personal take on learning a foreign language "Lost in Translation" & my own observations about the French vs the English Etiquette "Just tell the French how rude they are!".